Hour Meters

We have expanded our hour meter line to include products from Curtis Instruments, the world's largest manufacturer of instruments and motor speed controllers for battery-powered vehicles and equipment.

Curtis 700 Series Hour Meters

These 12 - 48 volt hour meters are highly reliable solid-state units that offer unprecedented coordination of patented technology, performance, reliability, and value.

Part Number Voltage (DC) Voltage (AC) Description Curtis Part Number
A000007766 12-48 20-60 4-Terminal Rectangular* 700FN001O1248VDC
A000032531 12-48 20-60 4-Terminal Rectangular* 701TN001O1248VDC
A000007768 12-48 20-60 2-Terminal Round 700QN001O1248VDC
A000007769 12-48 20-60 3-Terminal Round 701RN001O1248VDC

Also Available

A000009099 Curtis Meterguard (polycarbonate lens)
*To determine which hour meter fits your application, please refer to the Curtis part number.
A000032531 uses 3 out of 4 terminals.

Curtis 2200 Series Voltmeter and Hour Meter

Part Number Description Curtis Part Number
A000007744 12 VDC 2214R12-000100

Also Available

A000009099 Curtis Meterguard (polycarbonate lens)

Curtis enGage™ II Series

The Curtis enGage II Series is a dual function, microprocessor based instrument that can be factory or user defined to monitor various functions including fuel, temperature, pressure, voltage, battery state of charge and maintenance/status.

Curtis Model Number Description Voltage Notes Part Number
3003R-67X-0001 Maintenance Monitor/Hour Meter 12-48 Field programmable monitor allows users to program maintenance intervals, while displaying total hours. Does not include harness connector (A000016530). A000016529
3003R-58X-0001 BDI/Settable Hour Meter 12-48 Provides reliable state-of-charge information. The settable hour meter can be set between 0 and 99999. Harness connector included. A000036200
- Harness Amp Connector - - A000016530

Electromechanical Hour Meters

Part Number VDC Range Mount Panel Cut Out Required
A000037863 6-80 3-Screw 2" Round
A000037859 12-80 Bezel 2" Round
A000037864 6-80 2-Screw 1 7/16" x 15/16" Rectangular