Cab Enclosures and Caps

CoolCab Windshield Panel Cabs


CoolCab Windshield Panel Cabs are a durable alternative to vinyl cab enclosures and other forklift caps. Complete windshields, roofs and rear panels can be purchased and installed individually or in sets. They are simple, easy to install and cost effective - with no drilling, tapping or welding.

CoolCabs are constructed of durable heavy gauge steel and tempered safety glass construction. Windshields include a 12-volt wiper. They offer excellent visibility with a large roof view and rear window panel for backup protection. They are specifically designed to fit select Cat® lift trucks, Mitsubishi forklift trucks, Hyster® forklifts and Yale® lift trucks.

Fits Models *Complete Kit
Replacement Parts
Front Windshield Panel w/Wiper Roof Panel Partial Rear Window

Cat Lift: DP40N - DP55N, GP40N - GP55N, DP40NM - DP55NM, GP40NM - GP55NM, P8000 - P12000, PD8000 - PD12000
Mitsubishi Forklift:  FD40N - FD55N, FD40NM - FD55NM, FG40N - FG55N, FG40NM - FG55NM

A000049335 A000049334 A000049337 A000049336
Cat Lift: 2P3000 - 2P7000, 2PD4000 - 2PD7000, DP25N - DP35N, GP25N - GP35N, DP25NM - DP35NM, GP25NM - GP35NM
Mitsubishi Forklift: FD25N - FD35N, FG25N - FG35N, FD25NM - FD35NM, FG25NM - FG35NM  
A000049331 A000049330 A000049333 A000049332
Hyster Fortis: H40 - H70FT; Yale Veracitor: GP040 - GP070VX
A000049327 A000049326 A000049329 A000049328
Hyster Fortis: H80 - H120FT; Yale Veracitor: GP080 - GP120VX  
A000049339 A000049338 A000049341 A000049340
*Kit includes: Front windshield w/wiper, roof panel, and partial rear window

Promatch Rain Cap

Rain Cap

The Promatch Rain Cap is a rugged and well-designed roof cover for lift trucks. The Rain Cap features a unique dome design that diverts rain and small particulates away from the operator. This alternative to shrink-wrap, plywood and cardboard provides greater comfort and safety. Made of a high impact, non-yellowing polycarbonate (clear or tinted), the Rain Cap has operators covered rain or shine. 

OSHA 1917.43 (e) (1) (ii) clearly states, “Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator’s view.” 


  • Channels and gutters eliminate cascading water
  • Manufactured from ultra-tuff SG weather-able polycarbonate
  • Available in clear or gray-tinted polycarbonate
  • Tinted caps provide UV protection
  • Easily installed--no drilling or tapping required
  • Four hold-down straps (p/n - A000046320) included with each Rain Cap.
Dimensions Clear Tinted
31" W x 38.5" L A000044657 A000044676
31" W x 43.5" L A000044658 A000044677
33" W x 43.5" L A000044659 A000044678
35" W x 38.5" L A000044660 A000044679
35" W x 43.5" L A000044661 A000044680
36" W x 38.5" L A000044662 A000044681
37" W x 43.5" L A000044663 A000044682
39" W x 38.5" L A000044664 A000044683
39" W x 43.5" L A000044665 A000044684
39" W x 52" L A000044666 A000044685
42" W x 42" L A000044667 A000044686
42" W x 45.5" L A000044668 A000044687
44.5" W x 51.5" L A000044671 A000044690
45" W x 38.5" L A000044669 A000044688
45.5" W x 43.5" L A000044670 A000044689
47" W x 38.5" L A000044672 A000044691
48.25" W x 45" L A000044673 A000044692
50.5" W x 45" L A000044674 A000044693
53.25" W x 45" L A000044675 A000044694

Please note the following policies: 

  • Our most popular sizes are now stocked in our MCFA depots. Rain Caps that are not stocked in an MCFA depot are not eligible for free freight.
  • Rain Cap is returnable, but the protective film must be intact. If the film is peeled back, it is no longer returnable.
  • To ensure that the correct Rain Cap size is ordered, please measure the actual lift truck that the Rain Cap will be used on prior to placing your order. Basic dimensions of an overhead guard are not guaranteed to be accurate measurements, as lighting and other accessories can interfere with the proper fit.

Replacement Parts

Description Part Number
Replacement Strap A000046320

Lift Truck Cabs

Our cabs are constructed of quality vinyl and may be ordered with or without safety glass and electric wipers. Heaters are also available and may be connected directly to your forklift's wiring. The two-way zipper, which can be opened from the inside or outside, will not rust, freeze, or corrode. This is a custom fit product and must be ordered through Customer Service. Please have your truck's make and model number, and inform customer service if an elevated exhaust is present.

Lift Truck Solar Cap

Universal tinted overhead sun guard. At 48"W x 58"L, this extra long sun guard can be stretched to form a front visor.

Part Number: A000016100


Atrium Full Forklift Cab Enclosures

The Atrium attaches in seconds to any forklift. Zippered doors can be shut or unzipped and folded back into place while working. Perfect for those rainy days so you can still work warm and dry. Constructed of super clear 18 mil double-polished vinyl material.


Cab Enclosure Diagram

Description Dim. A Dim. B Dim. C Dim. D Dim.  E Dim.  F Part Number
Up to 6,000 lbs 52" 57" 40" 45" 47" 44" A000013372
6,000 to 12,000 lbs 52" 60" 40" 48" 53" 44" A000013371
Over 12,000 lbs 74" 60" 54" 48" 60" 48" A000046332

The Forkshield

This product is a high-quality vinyl shield that can be used as a lift truck canopy or as a windshield.

Part Number: A000011395

Forklift Storage Cover

Forklift Storage Cover

Storage cover easily slips over the forklift in seconds. Fits most lifts trucks up to 8,000 pounds. Constructed of strong Durapel non-rip fabric.

Part Number: A000046333