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Fleet Track™

Fleet Track provides clear answers to essential questions that help you better manage your forklift fleet.

  • What are my fleet expenses?
  • Are we utilizing our assets properly?
  • Am I staying within budget?
  • Will I incur overtime costs?
  • Do I have any problem assets?

Whatever your question, Fleet Track has the answer.

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Reduce Fleet Costs
Accidental damage is one of the largest expenses that fleet managers face—but it doesn’t have to be. Fleet Track allows you to easily monitor forklift impacts, equipment overload, and improper equipment use along with other costly expenses.

According to Fleet Track analytics, twenty-five percent of all service jobs are for repairs that are avoidable or potentially preventable. Fleet Track details the use of your equipment to make sure recommended operating procedures are followed and equipment is not put under too much stress.

Make Informed Decisions

In today’s world, making an uninformed decision can be costly. Fleet Track helps bring real time data into the decision making process and provides you with clear answers to essential questions about your fleet.

Fleet Track ranks among the top fleet management software systems. With its intuitive features, you will find it easy to gain in-depth insight into your forklift fleet. Find out when to retire, replace, or relocate an asset with Fleet Track’s Lifecycle feature, while viewing a visualization of your fleet expenses with Spend Analyzer.

Optimize Productivity

Fleet Track allows you to compare your fleet’s performance based on your goals and track utilization trends to ensure that you're getting the most out of every truck.

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