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At Rapidparts Inc., we rely heavily on technology. We are constantly updating and improving our digital solutions so we can give our dealers and their customers the best tools available in the marketplace. Our innovative and user-friendly forklift fleet management software solutions are backed by an incredible service team of professionals.

We pride ourselves in equipping our dealers and customers with the most on-trend and intuitive software systems. Not only do we deliver parts fast, but we also give you the tools to manage your entire forklift fleet.

Our uniquely designed forklift fleet management software gives you information quickly while tracking the performance history of your fleet. We’ve taken your goals and budget, parts ordering and repair estimates, and developed easy-to-use tools to help you manage that 3% of the time, when things don’t go as planned.

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Fleet Track™

Fleet Track is a web-based application that provides you with a comprehensive view of your forklift fleet. By navigating through the Fleet Track interface, you may quickly view planned maintenance services and all related invoices, generate reports across many parameters, analyze spending over a variety of date ranges, and track specific equipment hours.

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Parts Store

Parts Store

Whether you’re performing a tune-up, replacing a broken tail light, or rebuilding an engine, you can quickly check part availability and pricing for over 4.2 million replacement parts, regardless of your forklift make and model. Shop for parts online 24/7 with the Parts Store, your online forklift parts store, available through your local MCFA dealer.

Parts Store
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Repair Estimator

Running an efficient operation gives your business a competitive advantage. Your MCFA dealer has access to over 160,000 repair jobs using Repair Estimator. The software database gives MCFA dealers the ability to provide timely and accurate quotes, so that you can get back to work faster and more efficiently than ever.

One Bill

One Bill

One Bill streamlines forklift service billing by consolidating invoices from multiple locations into one electronically billed statement. Fleet cost data and transaction details can be viewed using your online account access.

Service Dispatch

Service Dispatch

Service Dispatch makes requesting service for one forklift or many forklifts across multiple locations quick and easy. The web-based application allows you to conveniently request service from your local MCFA dealer and provides real-time work order status.

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Lift Link™

Lift Link is not just a black box - it is telemetric software installed on MCFA products in Houston, TX. The software delivers CAN bus data (basic diagnostic and troubleshooting) and utilization data (hour meter readings and fault codes through a cell platform to a web center as well as apps). Lift Link allows our dealers to offer exceptional product support services to their customers. There is also a field install option for existing MCFA and competitive trucks.

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