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Lift Truck Solutions

Lift Truck Solutions (LTS) is an innovative suite of online tools designed to help fleet managers optimize the performance of material handing assets—with one unified platform.

Communication with your dealer is simplified through the entire service process—from the time you request service through the time the repair is completed, and the final invoice is paid. 

LTS keeps your employees connected with your fleet. Data collected during the service process is automatically uploaded into Fleet Track, our LTS fleet management system. 

Fleet Track provides a user-friendly interface and enhanced functionality that generates a comprehensive view of your equipment. Quickly view and download expense reports, analyze utilization, and review the lifecycle of your fleet. 

We pride ourselves in equipping our customers with the most on-trend and intuitive software solutions. Lift Truck Solutions is the platform that makes the difference between a quality forklift and the complete package. It’s a smarter way to do business. 

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Fleet Track™

Fleet Track is a comprehensive fleet management tool, connecting your employees with your fleet. Powered by the invoicing data provided from LTS, the app is a practical and efficient equipment-tracking tool. Fleet Track provides clear answers to essential questions that help you better manage your forklift fleet.  


Quickly track fleet expenses, forklift utilization, lifecycle costs, and planned maintenance. Know when to retire, replace, relocate, or retain any forklift in your fleet. Fleet Track helps you gather important fleet information needed to make informed fleet management decisions.

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One Bill

One Bill is an online invoicing application that makes it easy to consolidate invoices from multiple locations into one electronically billed statement. No matter the size of your company, One Bill can help reduce your invoice processing time, entry errors, and overhead expenses. 


Easily set up consistent labor rates, parts pricing, overtime rates, and standardize billing guidelines across your entire company. One Bill ensures that each location receives the same level of service across the entire dealer network. 

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Service Dispatch

Service Dispatch makes requesting service for one forklift, or many forklifts, across multiple locations quick and easy. The online service request is routed to your local dealer, so your forklift can keep your business moving.


Easily check the status of your request online or set up email or text message notifications to receive update alerts.

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Repair Estimator

Repair Estimator is an online quoting software application designed to simplify the quoting process. This powerful quoting tool provides an extensive database of forklift repair information that allows dealers to provide you with timely and accurate quotes, no matter the forklift’s make or model.


Repair Estimator makes it easy for you to streamline your quoting process across your entire company. Every quote you receive will have the same look and simple acceptance process. You can quickly view and accept quotes online or from your mobile device.  

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Parts Store

The Parts Store is an online application that provides access to the parts you need at a moment's notice. Purchase forklift parts online, view pricing and availability, manage your shipping, and view previous purchase history through the Parts Store application.


Whether you’re performing a tune-up, replacing a broken tail light, or rebuilding an engine, you can check part availability and pricing for over 4.2 million replacement parts, regardless of your forklift make and model. 


Streamlining your parts ordering allows you to spend less time maintaining your forklift fleet and more time running your business.

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Lift Link™

More than just a black box - Lift Link is the telemetric software installed on MCFA products in Houston, TX. Lift Link is the alert system for all your safety and forklift monitoring needs. Easily export data, see trend projections and take full advantage of its GPS location feature. Discover the power of real data.

A field install option is also available for existing MCFA and competitive lift trucks.

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