Generic Forklift diagram of anatomy

Anatomy of a Forklift

Learn about the features and terminology of a forklift with the aid of a forklift diagram.

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Charging a forklift battery

How To Charge A Forklift Battery

Learn the proper procedures for charging an electric forklift battery.

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Forklift Mast Closeup

Forklift Mast Types

Understand the various types of forklift masts and their functions to make sure you choose the right forklift mast for your application.

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Electric forklift battery exposed

Forklift Battery Maintenance Guide

Forklift batteries can be costly, and properly caring for and maintaining your forklift battery can extend the life of your forklift batteries and save your business thousands.

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Close up of male forklift driver's face while driving

Forklift Certification FAQs

What is the process for getting forklift certified? What are the certification requirements? How long is a forklift certification good for? We answer all of your FAQs on forklift certification.

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