Worker driving a Cat lift truck up ramp

Operating Forklifts on Inclines, Ramps and Grades

Follow these six simple forklift rules of the road whenever operating a forklift on ramps, grades and inclines. Our forklift rules outline procedures when operating on a slope that could help improve efficiency at your workplace and help reduce forklift-related incidents.

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Worker in blue outfit and gloves working on a cat lift trucks's engine

No Crystal Ball Needed – Forklift Planned Maintenance and More

Avoid these practices to increase lift truck life, productivity and uptime.

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Man installing flashing amber light on forklift

Forklift Accessories & Attachments

A selection of forklift accessories and forklift attachments from MCFA for improved safety, operator comfort, and efficiency. Our list of forklift accessories includes camera systems, led warning lights, utility trays and kits, rain caps and windshield panel cabs, and lift truck scales.

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Forklift Maintenance with Screwdriver

How to Reduce Your Forklift Maintenance Costs

When it comes to lift truck fleet management, knowledge is powerful, especially when it comes to reducing your forklift maintenance costs. Here are three tips to reduce the cost and time spent on forklift maintenance.

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Different forklift tires all in a row

Forklift Tires: Choosing the Right Type & When to Replace

Do you think you need new tires on your forklift? Take a look at these tips on choosing the right Type of forklift tire and when you should replace them.

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